How To Use This Site

Our content is made to be consumed at your convenience. Relax, watch, read, learn and let your love of the profession grow.

LegalCounselor offers three types of content. The first is candid, detailed, searching, and extensive video interviews with successful litigators in every area of civil law at every stage of their careers, from first year associate to circuit court judge. The topics covered naturally fall into three areas, which we have marked for your convenience. Mental Preparation includes managing stress, balancing career and personal life, and certain psychological mechanisms that give a competitive advantage.

If Mental Preparation is mostly interior, the second area, Professionalism, covers the exterior: your actions and your presentation, the impression you make on others, and how to optimize it with clients, judges, and juries. Finally, Strategy presents tricks of the trade, some which take years to perfect, some which can be applied immediately to gain a competitive advantage at every point in your case.

As you watch and analyze these segments, remember the litigators are not giving you advice: they are sharing their experiences. Most are universal; some are peculiar. All will help you tackle your own challenges. Pay close attention: for many litigators, the most successful things they do become second nature after years of practice, and are mentioned only in passing. When you find yourself drawn to a specific person’s temperament or style, or wish to explore other views on a particular topic, we offer directions in which to navigate.

The second type of content we offer is instructional videos. They offer tools, techniques and exercises to put the litigators’ lessons to immediate use. Each distills a common theme touched on by several litigators that happens to be a major concept explored in literature on psychology, cognitive and behavioral science and the history of the law. For your convenience, we present these to you in a tightly focused, direct and entertaining way, so you’ll easily recognize them when you encounter them in your practice. Think of these as course outlines, and of the interviews as case law.

Finally, LegalCounselor offers an expanding variety of print materials, including further interviews with litigators, blogs, reference materials, and recommendations for reading. Almost anyone can succeed as a litigator, with the right mindset, the right priorities and the right preparation, and almost every litigator can improve their emotional and physical health, their impact on others, and their winning formula. This is our shared goal. The best way to use this site is when you log off and apply its lessons in your practice and daily life. Welcome to LegalCounselor.