How We Can Help You

Law School teaches you how to think about the law. But that is only one set of skills of a well-rounded litigator.

A lawyer on trial must be mentally prepared, must act professionally, and must have a strategy. LegalCounselor gives you tools to develop all three. It is a bridge from law school to success in court for everyone from current students and recent graduates to seasoned professionals who are first encountering litigation, or who have struggled with it in the past, or who want to build on their success.

The interviews, instructional videos and print materials on LegalCounselor contain a wealth of practical, actionable, real-life advice on how to mentally prepare yourself for trial; to enter and maintain a state of mind of an effective counselor and dependable officer of the court; and to maintain that mental energy over the long haul. They also contain practical, actionable, real-life advice on how a litigator can win the trust clients, judges, and juries, and develop and maintain a professional image and reputation. Finally, they also contain practicable, actionable, real-life advice about pre-trial and trial strategy, as well as hard-won and proven tricks of the trade in how to structure and present your case, advocate your client’s interests, and disarm the opposition.

In addition to those exercises, facts and expertise, you will encounter lawyers and judges from every area of the law and at every stage of their career. You will see a wide range of personalities and temperaments, and a wealth of ideas and views. You will see that effective litigators come in all shapes and stripes, and see how each can adapt to be a success in court. There are many models for a litigator to follow in charting their own path.